14 May 2014


MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in All Fired Up. Last weekend, I went on a little trip to Duty Free Shoppers (DFS) downtown. Being a tourist destination, we have duty free shops everywhere, which is good in the sense that I have access to some higher end makeup products. The whole "duty free" thing isn't that a big of a deal around here since we don't pay additional taxes at the register anywhere. All taxes are included in prices, so there are no surprises, which I really prefer. 

Anyway, I walked around for a little bit to see what products caught my eye. I purposely headed over to the MAC counter to see what kind of service I would get. Normally, they just ignore me or give me the stink-eye, but that day, they were exceptionally friendly. I perused the lipsticks and found Ruby Woo which has been on my watch list forever, and next to it was All Fired Up. I had to swatch them, and I have to say that I really liked the look of All Fired Up so much more than Ruby Woo. 

It's a fuchsia toned red that doesn't look very fuchsia-like, which is why this shade is confusing to me. In the tube it looks like a matte classic red, and on the lips it looks the same. In photographs though, the fuchsia comes through. I almost thought I was wearing a different lipstick when going through photos. Still, I LOVE this lipstick. I've already worn in several times, and I've... get this... reapplied this. *shocker! I never reapply, lol! 

It looks shiny in the photo, because there was a slight sheen of moisture when I opened up the tube for the first time. It's gone now, though. 

The formulation is Retro Matte, which is a little more matte and dry than the regular matte formula. I love it! I have discovered that I am a matte girl. I like me a good mattified lipstick that won't run all over the place or end up on my kids' face (or mine). I might have to pick up a few more from the retro matte line. Excited!

Application is smooth, but I do recommend exfoliating to get rid of any dry patches. I like to apply a really light layer of lip balm underneath, but this does shorten the lasting power. However, it's a little less drying that way, so I much prefer more moisture to lasting power.

Lasting power is decent at 4-5 hours without eating, and I do recommend a lip liner underneath for extended wear. If you're going to be eating or drinking, bring the tube along for a quick touch up.

MAC All Fired Up is a wearable red, especially if you're still a bit shy when it comes to bright lip colors. Okay, maybe I'm biased, because I love brights. Still, it's bold and beautiful, and I love it!

What's your favorite MAC lipstick? Do you have All Fired Up?

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