12 May 2014


Clinique Cheek Pop Blush Pop in Peach Pop. Wow, what a name! These Clinique blushes have popped up this spring season, and I think pretty much everyone is adoring them. There are four shades - Peach Pop, Plum Pop, Ginger Pop, and Berry Pop. They retail for $21 at your local Clinique counter or online. I have two shades, and today, we're going to admire Peach Pop!

Peach Pop
Can I say that this packaging is freaking adorable! I love the clear acrylic pot - so simple and classic. And the flower embossed blush itself is too cute! It's almost too cute to touch, and it was for a while, until I decided that I HAVE to touch it in order to review it for you. Well duh. You can't really tell, but I've been using this blush for a couple weeks now, and it still looks good!

You've got the Clinique logo on the lid and the blush details underneath. Simple. Lovely.

And here's the swatch. So pretty! The formulation is lovely, so smooth with a slight sheen to it. It's not glittery at all and is perfect for spring. I like to use either my Real Techniques Blush Brush or a duo fiber brush to apply this onto my cheeks. 

I did have a few photos of myself wearing it, but my hard drive DIED last week, and I lost everything. EVERYTHING. I was depressed for a bit, but I'm moving on. Word of advice - back up your computer at least once every couple of days. You'll be sorry you didn't. I was. 

Anyway, Clinique Peach Pop is the perfect blush for any skin tone. It goes on sheer and you can build it up for a more glowing, blushing effect. You need this. If not only to let it sit on your vanity. Don't want to spend money on it? No problem. I'm giving one away in my latest giveaway! Give it a shot and good luck!

What do you think of these adorable blushes? If you have one, what shade do you have? I may just get the other two, hehe!

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