26 May 2014


Ebay Makeup Brushes by Jessup. We all love a good deal, but with good deals come the risk of questionable quality. Shopping on Ebay is full of challenges, and sometimes it's just easier to buy the more well-known, more expensive brand. However, I like a challenge, and I especially like finding really great things for great prices. 

I needed more makeup brushes (yeah, right), and I was debating on getting some from the more known brands when I came across a couple reviews of brush "dupes". The price was right at around $17 with free shipping here, so I went ahead and placed an order for these beauties.

Coming from China, I expected my order to arrive a month later. I was really surprised when it arrived within a week. The brushes are labeled Jessup. I assume that is the brand, but I've seen similar brushes with different names engraved on them. Either way, I'm more concerned with the quality of these brushes than the name they wear.

At first inspection, I'm impressed. The small brushes were wrapped up individually in plastic, and the face brushes each came with a brush guard. The brushes are hefty and sturdy, with gold ferrules and matte black handles. Jessup is lettered in gold on each brush handle. Before use, I gave them a good wash using baby soap and water and let them dry completely. Minimal shedding occurred, possibly 4-5 hairs total from the whole set. 

The small brushes are not as dense as I thought they would be, but they are dense, which can be good and bad, depending on what I'm using them for. One of them came a little bent, but that's ok. I can deal. Currently, I use them for my eye makeup application, and they've been working really well. I'll tell you about each brush in the order they appear in the photo above.

Small Flat Brush - great for covering up small spots and dark areas
Small Flat Buffing Brush - wider than the Small Flat Brush, great for buffing in creams over imperfections or blending out powder products in smaller areas.
Small Angled Flat Brush - dense, great for applying concealer under eyes and inner corners.
Small Round Brush - dense, great for applying eyeshadow or cream products to the eyelid.
Small Tapered Brush - very dense, great for applying powder of cream products to the inner corner of the eyes, under the eyebrows, or anywhere precision is needed. 

The larger face brushes are mostly similar to the smaller brushes, except bigger versions.

Angled Flat Top Brush - great for applying powder under the eyes
Domed Brush - very dense, great for buffing products into the skin.
Flat Top Brush - dense, wide, great for patting and buffing products like foundation into the skin. 
Wide Domed Brush - dense, wider than the Domed Brush, great for buffing products into the skin.
Tapered Brush - very dense, great for applying cream products and reaching under the eyes and inner corners. 

As with any other beauty product, these brushes can be used for whatever purpose your heart desires. If you want to use them with powder products, feel free. Cream products only, you can do that too. It's really up to you. These brushes don't have names, so I described them as best I could. Hopefully, it was helpful.

Do I think they're a dupe for a rather well-known cult brand of makeup brushes? Kinda yes, and kinda no. They are similar in build and idea, but aren't exactly the same, and these Ebay brushes are much less dense than the name brand ones. BUT, with that being said, these only cost $17 dollars for the entire set of 10 brushes, and for someone with my kind of budget, I'll take 'em. They're good quality, even though they do/will shed. I can't expect miracles, can I? Some even better news? They come in several different colors including White, Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue, and Purple! Oh so fun! Check them out here!

Have you purchased any brushes from Ebay? What's your experience with brush "dupes"? What do you think of these?

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