23 May 2014


ASOS Mini Satchel Bag with Scallop Bar Detail in Nude. Well, dang, what a descriptive name. I don't even know what to write anymore... but I'll try. For my first ASOS purchase, I bought 2 satchels. Yes, TWO! I love satchel type bags, and since I was in desperate need for a new bag, I hit up ASOS online. I've been eyeing the satchels for months, and when I finally decided to order, there was a sale! Total score. There's a sale on a few items right now, if you're wondering. 

ASOS Mini Satchel Bag with Scallop Bar Detail in Nude
This is one of the cutest bags ever. It is a sturdy faux leather design, and I like that it'll hold it's shape really well. I'm in love with the gold accents and the scallop detail. It's just perfect. I chose the mini version (9"w x 7" h), because I am mini size, and it's perfect. I think the regular size would've been too big. I'm happy I chose the color Nude, because it just adds a touch of class, and makes me feel very chic. 

The flap flips open and has a single magnetic closure. Inside, it's black fabric, and there is a pocket towards the front for a cellphone, cards, or whatever you wish, and a zip pocket in the back. There isn't a ton of storage space, and it's really not going to fit a makeup bag, but I chose a small bag on purpose. Now, I can't shove all my crap in there. Well, I can... I can do anything. 

If you'd like to take a look at ASOS's current offerings on satchels, have a look here. I purchased this little lovely bag here for $28.22 when it was on sale. Regular price is $35.11. I'm really quite happy with it, and even though I'd pay regular price, I like the adventure of waiting for the sales to pop up. 

Have you purchased anything from ASOS? What kind of bags do you like to use?

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