22 May 2014


Laura, Demand Beauty. Welcome to the ending of May, and what do you know, summer is here! The sun is blazing and the clouds are running away, so slather on that SPF and protect yourselves.

Through the month of May, you may have noticed a beautiful UK blogger hanging out below my posts. My friends, meet Laura, from Demand Beauty.

My name is Laura, I’m 18 and currently studying at sixth form trying to survive A Levels! My blog is called Demand Beauty as you can probably tell by the name that the main focus is beauty. I also write about different, random topics that interest me. I love photography, DIYs and gaming. You’ll always find me in CafĂ© Nero, making milkshakes or cracking a good old chemistry joke. Due to being in full time education my blog is more of a hobby, and I enjoy preparing a post anytime I can.

As all of us know, school work trumps blogging fun, so though she may post only a few times a month due to her dedication to education, she does put time and thought into her posts. Her latest post features a very summer appropriate outfit, and killer mint skinny jeans. OMG, those I need!

You need to check her out, and give her a lovely follow! Tell her I sent you!

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