09 April 2014


NYX Round Lipstick in Eucalyptus and Sunflower. I've been really into lip products lately, so when I won a lipstick giveaway (post here) I was ecstatic. On top of that, I've been getting lip products in my Ipsy Glam Bags that I haven't even gotten around to trying yet. So, I figured I had some NYX Round Lipsticks to swatch for you, and here they are.

NYX Round Lipsticks are in general very creamy and easy to wear. The down side of these lipsticks is that it's extremely hard to tell by the online swatches whether or not they have a frosty finish. I once made a huge order going by the swatches on the website and found that the majority of the shades I chose had a frosty finish and many were very similar to each other. Needless to say, I wasn't too thrilled. 

NYX Round Lipstick in Eucalyptus
This is one of the lipsticks I won in MissyNADM's giveaway. It's a bright fuchsia frost that has a blue sheen to it. It is extra creamy and applies smoothly. It smells of detergent (I'm serious), and this is what I've noticed about most of my other Round Lipsticks. Also, they are extremely soft. Sad to say, this lipstick was practically melted and broke off as I was swatching. Maybe this is the old formulation? These have the swirly details around the label - let me know if you know. 

NYX Round Lipstick in Sunflower
Definitely a spring shade, Sunflower is a coral that leans more orange than pink. Also very creamy and smooth, this lipstick doesn't smell of detergent nor does it have the swirls on the label. It's also not too soft and stayed in tact during swatching. I'm thinking this is the newer formula. I don't have another shade like this so it's nice, but I do think that yellow/orange tones don't suit me very well. Still, I'd use it.

Do you have any NYX Round Lipsticks? What do you think of them and are your favorite shades? 

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