06 April 2014


Essie Mint Candy Apple. Being one of the blogger cult favorite polishes, Mint Candy Apple made it into my collection sometime last year, and even though I've written a post about it already, I wanted to revisit this gorgeous shade! To date, this is my favorite mint shade, but to be honest, I only have a couple others, one from NYX and another from L'Oreal. I'm thinking I need to pick up a few more from other brands, just because... why not?

Essie Mint Candy Apple is a cool minty shade that actually looks different on different skin tones. My lovely friend Kallie posted about her favorite pastel blues here, and included Mint Candy Apple in that post, since it does in fact lean a little more towards the blue end of the spectrum. However, when applied against my yellow skin tone or in different lighting conditions, it looks a little green (at least it does to me). So let's not argue, Kallie, I just want peace and love, haha!

Application is a bit streaky, but with a couple layers, you'll get that smooth, opaque finish. Top it off with you're favorite glitter and top coat, and you've got some extra sass and staying power!

What's your favorite mint polish? Throw some recommendations at me so I can go hunting!

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