05 April 2014


Lipstick Haul and some chit chat. Happy Friday (or Saturday in my case)! I hope you're all having some safe fun this weekend. Tonight, some drunk guy decided he wanted to play Matchbox cars and ram his car into two cars in our condo parking lot. One of them was mine... thanks, drunk guy. The damage wasn't bad on my car, but the other guy's car - yikes. It's a huge car, like a Ram or something, and it is now crippled. My little Corolla just got scraped up on the bumper (phew). 

Brand new bumper, by the way, since last month a high school student decided she wasn't going to pay attention while looking for parking and cracked our tail light and bumper - this was at my son's school. Good thing her dad is a kind man and offered to have our car repaired within 24 hours. A week later, some lady decides she wants to christen our brand new bumper and scratch it up with her car. And then tonight... be careful, guys. Please. 

Anyway, on to the point of this post, a lipstick haul. Well, they aren't all entirely lipsticks, but they are lip products. More than my lips can handle (said no one ever). I won a little Instagram giveaway on Valentine's Day from Missy, a sweet mommy blogger aka MissyNADM. Needless to say, finding out I won had me jumping up and down shrieking like a little girl. Here's what I won!


Let me know if you have/want any of the products mentioned in this post! Would love to know your thoughts! 

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