08 October 2013

Just Say Yes | A Zoella Inspiration

Hi, everyone! I'm going to be sharing a different kind of post today. If you follow me on YT, you'll know that I have extreme anxiety among other things, and that I started blogging again, because I was so inspired by a certain Youtuber. Her name is Zoe aka Zoella.

I used to run away from opportunities and people, because of my anxiety, and I was always hiding. From the people around me, from the world, from myself. I was just existing in an empty shell, but at least that empty shell was what I knew. I was safe in that shell.

It isn't a life that I would recommend, and I feel for those who can't help it. I still struggle with accepting opportunities and being around strangers, but sometimes the rewards are much more worth it. How do we find out? Well, we just have to Say Yes, and find out for ourselves. It isn't the easiest thing to do, and it may just be the hardest. But what I've learned this year is that even though you're scared, it's okay to try. If you don't like it, it's fine to stop. At least you tried, and you found out for yourself.

I've met so many people with different types of anxieties through blogging and Youtube, and I must say that I am ever so humbled by their experiences. My heart breaks for them, because I can understand what they're going through. I've been to hell and back myself, and as much as people tell me "Oh you'll grow out of it" or "It's just nerves", it's really not. I get really angry when people who don't know that anxiety is like try to give advice to those who have it or try to make it seem less than it is. It's NOT just nerves. It's worse than that. It hurts more than that. 

People like Zoe are so inspiring, because those of us with anxiety can relate to her. We know the struggles our anxiety places on us, many times it's debilitating. We've watched her go from being Zoe in a shell to Zoe who gets on an airplane and flies across the globe to be in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Just thinking about it is already draining me, but she's done it. Why not me? Why not you? 

We can beat this. We just need to start with itty bitty tiny things and move on from there. It doesn't have to happen all at once. It may take days, months, or years, but as long as we never stop trying, our anxiety won't beat us. We won't let it defeat us.

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