07 October 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow Duo in Raisins

I'll be skipping today's October Challenge once again, because it's called Influenced by an Instagrammer. Since this is not Instagram, it wouldn't make sense. So, instead, I have a review and swatches for you today! Yes, I know I did a quickie post about this earlier this week, but this is the real deal. The full one review and lots of pictures. :)

The Estee Lauder Duo in Raisins is something that I've seen everywhere on the blogosphere, and I wasn't sure that I was going to give in to the hype, but after seeing so many swatches of it, I began my search for this gem. Let me just say that the Raisins duo is IMPOSSIBLE to find online. I think I did see one somewhere with a ridiculous price attached to to. No way. 

Using my noodle, I thought, "since my hometown is so behind in the times, we might just have this here." Lo and behold, it was stocked at our local Macy's. I was ecstatic! I think I may just pick up another one for a future giveaway. Why the heck not, right? I love you guys! 

Summary of my thoughts on the Estee Lauder Raisins Duo.
It's gorgeous. I love the color combination of a pale satin pink against a deep satin cranberry with micro shimmers running through it. The textures of the shadows are smooth and silky, and it doesn't kick up too much, if at all, when I run a brush over it. The staying power is great - I've worn it all day with UDPP underneath. No creasing. Nada. 

The packaging is surprisingly made of plastic, not glass, but I don't mind. It looks so pretty, but it's quite a task to open. I have this fear that one day when I'm trying to yank the lid open, I'm going to drop it, and it'll shatter to pieces. So, I hold on tight. The price is pretty steep at $32.00 for two (2) eyeshadows, but it's a lot of eyeshadow. It will definitely take a while to finish it up, if ever. 

Picture time!

Now that you have the full version of this review, what do you think of this duo? If I can find another set, would you be interested in it being part of an upcoming giveaway? Maybe for Christmas? :)

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