17 September 2013

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Turn On

My interview is over, so I get to blog now! I'm going to share with you the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Turn On. These lipsticks are getting a whole bunch of hype, and for good reason. 

I purchased this from Macy's ($22). You can also get them at Ulta ($22), Sephora ($22), or Debenhams (£15). They are everywhere

Turn On is described as a "rosy pink" shade that is a perfect neutral pink lip color for every day wear. I wear this to my interviews, and it's perfect for a professional, polished look. 

The formulation is smooth, creamy, and very pigmented. It's best to dab on and build up the color, because, ladies and gentlemen, this can get intense.

The lasting power is decent, give or take 2-3 hours, or 4-5 if you use a lip liner beneath. If you eat and drink, you'll have to reapply. The lighter shades fade faster than the bright, bold shades. But I don't mind. I need to use up all my lipsticks before they go sour. The only way to do that, is to use them. A lot. 

My thoughts?
I love it. I want to buy all of the colors, and you may just have a little sneaky chance to win one in the coming months. :)

The lipstick is encased in a gorgeous, sleek, gunmetal casing. UD is embossed on the top, and the name of the shade is labeled on the bottom. 

Sadly, the stickers are all the same gray shade, so the only way to tell what color you're looking at is to open it up. Still, I think the color will imprint itself in my brain somewhere, so I'm not complaining. 

True to it's name, Turn On is a beautiful rosy pink shade. Perfect for any occasion. Wear it to your heart's content, even if you're not leaving your house!

I forgot to swatch the product on my arm, but I do have a lip swatch. As you can see, it's quite a natural color. Somewhat like a "my lips but better" shade, lol. I know. I said the cliche phrase. Oh well. It's a really pretty color!

Have you tried the Urban Decay Revolution Lipsticks yet? What's your favorite shade? What do you think of Turn On? 

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