14 September 2013

My Blogazine | The Blog Scene

One day, a thought occurred to me (well, not just one). I was wondering if there are blog magazines out there that are dedicated to feature bloggers of all kinds. With all the hard work that we put into blogging, it sure feels nice to be recognized and have a little bit of extra help to get our blogs out there. 

So I came up with something. The Blog Scene, or TBS for short. 

I already knew what I wanted to do - feature some of my favorite blog posts of the past weeks, and invite all of the readers and writers to nominate some blog posts as well. Anyone can nominate a post, and feel free to nominate your own. There is no shame in being proud of your hard work. Please understand that there is a schedule and limited slots, so I am not able to feature EVERYONE'S posts, but be patient, and one day, you might see yours up there. 

Currently, TBS is being managed and produced by me, Ash. Maybe sometime down the line, I'll have co-producers. For now, it's a one-woman show, and I'm really enjoying the positive response I've gotten so far. 

To read more about The Blog Scene, check out the About section.

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support, as always!

Have you checked out TBS yet? What are your thoughts? Would you like to feature one of your posts? If yes, visit the About section to see how you can! :)

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