03 August 2013

Blog Advertising and Sponsoring Experience

If you've never advertised or sponsored another blog before, you might be wondering about a few things.
  1. What is that? 
  2. How do you do that?!?!
  3. How much does it cost?
  4. Is it worth it?
  5. Should I offer ad space too?
First off, advertising on a blog is generally when you pay a blogger X-amount to put your blog button on their sidebar and promote your blog via their blog and different outlets (Facebook, Twitter, etc). Depending on the advertising packages provided by the host blog, you might also have the option to guest post on their blog and host a giveaway as well. Each host prices their packages differently, so you'll have to do your research. My advice? Go with your favorite blogs to read. Set some goals like increasing your readership, gaining new followers, and meeting new people. 

How do you start advertising? Once you've decided on a package, you can either purchase the ad package on the host's Ad/Sponsor page or contact them if they prefer that method instead. Again, each host has different rules and requirements.

Everyone has different price packages, so you'll have to check their sponsorship page to verify what they offer and at what cost. Depending on your budget, you'll have different options. Some offer sponsorships for free in the form of ad/blog button swaps. Doing a swap means they'll place your ad in their sidebar and you'll do the same.

Whether or not it's worth it really depends on you. You'd have to evaluate your experience, your page views - did your numbers go up? Did you meet new people through those hosts? Were you able to meet your goals? If yes, then I would say it's worth it. 

Anyone can offer ad space. It's up to you if you think your blog is ready. Most of the blogs that I see offer ad space have at least 300 followers. Pricing ads also depends on how far your reach is. The more followers you have, the higher you can make your prices. Be warned though, there are many blogs with affordable ad space, even with thousands of readers - so don't try to cheat people. 

My experience with sponsoring blogs and advertising.
I just completed my first month of sponsoring blogs at the end of July. My blog was advertised on four (4) blogs, one spot was a prize in a giveaway I had won. Overall, my experience was positive. Some hosts when above and beyond what the package provided. The rest gave me the bare minimum, and that's totally fine. As long as I didn't lose out, it's all good.

Where I advertised during July 2013:

Nykki is a wonderful host and beauty blogger. I've been following her blog since 2011 when I first started blogging under another site, and when I came back to blogging, of course, I found Nykki again. I was able to guest post on her blog, and you can see that post here. Also, she retweeted everything I sent her (so nice!). She's always been sweet, and she really does care about helping you grow your blog. She also has over 2600 followers on Twitter, so if you're advertising with her, shoot your tweet through her and she'll retweet it for you. You can see her ad packages here

Jessica is another amazing host and lifestyle blogger. She doesn't have a high follower count, which doesn't really make sense to me, because her Show Off blog hop is one of the most hopping hops there is. Now, if my memory serves me correctly, proper blogger etiquette is that when someone hosts a hop or a giveaway, you should at least be a follower of the host. They're doing work for you, and following them to show your support when you use their service is just the right thing to do. So really, she should have hundreds of followers for all of the things that she does. She's also a great supporter for when you have other things going on on your blog - she'll help spread the word. Her enthusiasm is contagious! You can see her advertising packages here

Kirsty is a sweetheart from Glasgow and also a beauty blogger. I saw that she was looking for sponsors on Twitter, so I went for it. I was able to hang out on her sidebar for the month, and she introduced me to her followers via intro paragraph (written by me). Also, she tweets #FFs every Friday. It was rather simple, and I didn't have much communication with her, sadly, but I do comment on her blog often. Her blog was my only international sponsorship package last month, and I do have to say that Paypal will charge you extra for the conversion from $ to any other currency, even if it's a "gift". Just giving you a heads up, because that took me by surprise. View her ad packages here

Brittany is another wonderful lifestyle blogger. I won a 3 month slot in a giveaway a couple of months ago, so I'll be hanging out on her sidebar for another month. I enjoy Brittany's blog, and she's had some trials the past couple of months, so she hasn't really been present other than tweeting an #FF for me - but I'm ok with that. I understand that sometimes life takes over, and there's no time or energy for blogging. That's just how life works sometimes. So, while I'm not sure if she's taking any sponsors at the moment, I'm going to give you the link here anyway, in case you want to check it out. 

Overall, my advertising experience went really well. I'm currently deciding on whether or not I want to  sponsor other blogs - I have a few on my mind, but I'll see come September ;). 

Have you sponsored a blog before? What was your experience like? Would/do you offer sponsorship for your blog?

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