16 February 2015


Finding Inspiration in Books. Where, oh where, did my blogging mojo go? I have no idea. I think it has a lot to do with the stressful situations we're dealing with right now, but hopefully soon, I'll be back in full force (cross fingers). For now, I thought I'd share a bit of my life outside of blogging and makeup - what do I do when I'm not engulfed in the beauty world? I read. A lot. Here's a snippet of my book collection while I was on Guam. I've given everything away due to the move, but I do still have a bunch in Kindle (pheww)!

I love how stories can take me to other worlds to live other lives. Readers are able to envision completely different existences in a span of hours, and that is amazing to me. My imagination is pretty crazy and extremely vivid, which really draws me into the stories even more. I can be a renegade vampire kicking strigoi ass one day and a hopeless romantic reinventing a new life the next day. The options are endless, and I could be whoever I want to be. The downside is that every story comes to an end, but you can always start again with a new story or reread your favorites. 

Inspiration comes to me in all forms. The way characters are portrayed, what they wear and how they carry themselves. The book illustrations are also inspiring - the colors, the fonts, and the positioning of the characters. I take these elements and create from them, whether it be a new piece of jewelry or my #MOTD looks. Take me away to the next world!

Do you guys like to read? What are some of your recent favorites? Also, we might get controversial here, but what are your thoughts on Fifty Shades of Grey (movie & book)? Let's be nice, please! :)

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