23 July 2014


Lorac Pro Palette 2. I may just be one of the last people to get into the Lorac Pro Palette craze, but for when Lorac released the Lorac Pro 2, I just went for it and purchased them both! Having played with the palettes for the past week, I have to say I am really impressed.

Packaged in smooth gray case, the Lorac Pro Palette 2 holds 16 eyeshadows, 8 matte and 8 shimmer/satin shades. While the original Lorac Pro consisted mostly of warm neutrals, the Lorac Pro 2 contains cool toned neutral shades. Personally, I like the mix of mattes and shimmer/satin finishes. It makes creating different looks from one palette really easy. 
The top row holds the matte shades ranging from a really pale cream to a contrasting black. While all the shadows are velvety smooth and super creamy (yes, creamy powders), the only issue I had was swatching Navy. It looks really pretty when applied with a brush onto my eyelids, but I just couldn't get the swatch to show up smoothly. It really is a great shade though! 
The second row holds the shimmer/satin shadows, and they are all just as creamy and smooth as the matte shades. Their satin texture makes them easier to swatch and work with, but honestly, they are all wonderful. Swatching these shadows was a dream! They are extremely soft, hands down the softest products I've ever swatched, and it was really easy to pick up too much product (see the chunks of product within the swatches). Regardless, that is most definitely not a complaint. My favorite shades from the palette are Plum, Rose, Mocha, and Chrome. I'm really enjoying playing with these shadows, and if you haven't picked up this palette yet, you can do so at Ulta for $42. 

Have you picked up either of the Lorac Pro palettes? Will you be getting this one? 

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