10 November 2013

Urban Decay Vice 2 Review and Swatches

May I just say that I have an obsession... eyeshadow palettes. They are my weakness, and sometimes, I just can't. stop. myself. I didn't need another palette, but it's Urban Decay! My other complete obsession. So of course, Vice 2 had to be mine. And then Naked 3 is coming out soon too? That's another story.
The box the Vice 2 comes in is gorgeous. It's a gray box with smokey clouds and imprinted leaves all over. In the middle is the raised embossed logo of Urban Decay in a beautiful jewel-toned purple. The back of the box provides a description about the palette along with swatches of all the shades it comes with.
Out of the box comes a stunning, purple case with the same smokey clouds and leaves pattern. The Urban Decay logo is now showcased in crystal-like detail. The back contains the distribution details, product details such as weight and shelf life. To open the palette, you press the black button on the front. It swings up smoothly, presenting the beautiful treasures inside.
The mirror takes up the entire lid space, providing ample reflection service at your disposal. All of the shadows sit neatly in 4 rows of 5. It comes with a dual ended brush as well. Isn't she a beauty? Yes, my palette looks used, because I couldn't wait to use it before taking photos. Oops! Let's go through the rows, shall we?
Row 1: 
Smokeout - matte black
Lovesick - shimmery charcoal with silver sparkles
Shellshock - metallic silver
Coax - metallic pink
X-Rated -  light satin pink
Row 2:
Prank - deep blue with green shimmer
Madness - metallic blue
Strike - metallic gold
Stash - metallic olive with gold sparkle
Poison - dark gray with teal sparkle
Row 3:
Radar - metallic dark gold
Damaged - deep metallic green
Voodoo - black with purple and silver sparkle
Betrayal - metallic purple
Derailed - dark bronze
Row 4:
Dope - satin champagne
Toxic - metallic copper
Habit - matte nude
Ambush - bronze
Rewind - matte warm brown

If you can see, some of the shadows swatch a little patchy, mostly the matte shades, but that's to be expected, on top of my awesome (not) swatching abilities. I still can't get it down, but I'm practicing, I promise!

Overall, the shadows are amazingly pigmented, super smooth, and buttery soft. I've already been playing around with it, and I'll be creating as many looks as I can think of with this palette. It's going to be so much fun!

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