16 August 2013

Repurposed Mardi Gras Beads: DIY Casual Bracelet

There are a few DIYs I have planned, and it's taking a lot not to post them all up at once, but I'm restraining myself. Let's start with someone really easy - you could probably make several in the course of 10 minutes or so.

DIY Casual Bracelets
I had this idea running around inside of my head for a while, but I've been so busy with all of my interviews that I never got around to actually trying it out. Now, mind you, I made this all up, so excuse me if it looks a little "rugged". It's supposed to be. It's casual, goes with a nice white tea and denim shorts or jeans, if you wish. Anything, really. It's all up to you. The color variety is always endless - let your mind create!

We're going to use some Mardi Gras beads, or party beads, whatever you want to call them. I purchased these for $2.99. You could probably find them cheaper at your local craft stores. Our craft stores are far and few, so they like to rip us off. :/

Grab some scissors and some sort of cord. I'm using faux suede. You'll need to measure your wrist, multiply that by 2 and add 5 inches. I had just enough. Phew! Lucky, since I made up that calculation, ha!

Fold your cord in half.

Tie a knot like this. 

Cut the party necklace in half. 

 Loosen up the knot you made so that you can slip the first bead through. This will keep the beads from falling out of the cord. 

Tighten up the knot once more. 

Take the two pieces of cord and criss cross them around the front of the bead like this:

Then criss cross around the back, and repeat until you only have about 5 inches of cord left on both ends.

Tie a simple knot at the last bead. 

 Leaving one bead after the knot, snip off the rest of the necklace. You should have this:

Tie a knot the same way you did at the beginning, leaving the extra cord to hang off as decor. You can add a bit of super glue to the inside of the knot to hold it in place, but I just like the option of taking the thing apart to reuse as something else. :D

This is the finished bracelet. Take the last knot and loop it into the first knot, and you have a clasp closure. Yay!

Here's the "rugged and rough" knot clasp. 

Doesn't look too bad. 

It would look great in so many different colors and perfect for that lazy day look. Well, perfect for me, anyway, hehe. 

What are your thoughts? You know I love them!

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