28 June 2013

Two Shades of Pink

I love pink. Do you? If not, then you probably won't like this mani, lol. But if you are a pink lover or liker like me, you might just love these colors as much as I do.

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Tickled Pink, Essence Colour & Go in Ultimate Pink

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Tickled Pink is a very creamy, milky, pastel pink shade that goes on smoothly and only needs 2 thin coats to be opaque and streak free. The finish is a high shine, glossy finish that looks so delicious! I believe this is only available in the US? I purchased this at Kmart for $1.96. Yes. Cheap!

Essence Colour & Go in Ultimate Pink is on the other end of the pink spectrum - a blazing hot pink. I have never owned an Essence polish, because we don't carry the brand here. It was a fluke that I was able to get one sent to me during the summer swap I participated in last month. You see, nail polish can't be shipped via air. My partner didn't know, and for some reason, customs didn't bother checking. So, lucky me! Anyway, this polish is AMAZING! The brush is small and stumpy, but very wide. The formula - OMG. I was in shock. I kid you not. I was very surprised at what was happening. The nail polish just glided on my nails with no fuss, and in just ONE coat, I had an opaque, glossy finish. What?!?! What else is good? Well, it only costs $1.99 at Ulta. Score again!

Here is my little manicure of the week. For $3.95, I have two adorable shades of pink, and one very pretty mani. Oh, happy me. :)

Have you tried these polishes? What are your favorite bargain polishes? Wait, don't tell me - Barry M polishes? Haha!

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