30 June 2013

If I had £50 Tag?

If you could choose just one (1) shop to spend £50, where would you go, and what would you buy?

I was tagged by Emily over at Freckles and Flaws Beauty to do this tag - If I had £50. Thanks for tagging me, because this was pretty fun!

The rules:

1. Pick a shop any shop. Whatever that shop is you have £50 to spend. Pick whatever you want. (Clothing shops may not work as well because sometimes it costs £50 for one thing)
2. The title of the post must be " "If I had £50" TAG " so people know what the post is about.
3. You must state that this post was created by me AlexRocksXO
4. Thank who tagged you. It's just polite :-)
5. Tag at least one person.
6. Copy and paste the rules onto the top of your post.

My selections!
The shop I chose was SUPERDRUG!

I was able to "spend" £48.62 (if I did my math correctly) and get a lot of really great products. Oh, how I wish I could get into a Superdrug or Boots to spend money in!

Who should I tag?.... 
Kallie at But first, coffee, since you're going to Europe soon!

What would YOU buy if you had £50 to spend? I tag everyone who reads this, because it's fun! Send me your links if you try it out. :)

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