27 May 2013

L'OREAL l'orange

How have you all been doing lately? What have you planned for this wonderful summer season - or whichever season it is in your area ;)

I'm planning to get back into the world as an employed person... lol. I have to start working again, and as much as I don't want to have a sitter take care of my baby, I don't really have a choice. Boo.

Enough sad stuff. Tonight, I have a little bit of a citrusy, yummy nail color that I want to share with you. It's perfect for summer and spring, or even if you want to brighten up your fall and winter seasons too!

It's a beautiful, creamy, orange shade with a tendency to be more red in darker settings and more yellow in brighter settings. Sometimes I feel like I dipped my fingers in orange highlighters, if that makes sense.

The formula is a pretty medium consistency requiring 2 coats to achieve this opaque look that I've got going on. It wasn't gloopy or anything like that for me. I'd say it's an ideal consistency to work with.

I'm not normally a brights person, but I was daring enough, and I love it. I've been venturing out into brighter polishes recently (my previous nail post consisted of a lime green!). I like this adventurous side of me.

What colors are you loving lately? Would you wear this yummy orange on your pretty little nails?

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