19 May 2013

Blue, Green, and a Little Sparkle

It's time for some nails of the week! I haven't done anything to my nails since my last post - for shame! Lol, but I did do a little mani last night, since I had time while everyone was asleep. I used a couple of my new polishes that I purchased recently, and I'll probably review them individually soon. :)

I used this lovely combination of polishes - a blue, green, and a little sparkle to spice it up. The blue is L'Oreal's "Jet Set to Paris", and I'm in love with it, then again, I am partial to blues. The lime/neon green color is from Maybelline's Color Show in "Go Go Green". It's my first EVER neon/bright polish, and I'm really liking it surprisingly. The sparkly, flaky polish is by Nubar and it's called "G188" I think... I couldn't find a name on the bottle, so I assume that is what it's called.

Here is my little mani.

I love how the flakies pick up the light and add a little bit of something extra to the polishes. Not that they aren't great colors, but I like the extra punch.

Have you tried any of these polishes? What are you wearing on your nails lately?

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  1. I love the green! I also love your new blog layout. Did you have to pay to get it done?

  2. @Helena Whitehead Thank you! I did the layout myself using a pretty template theme I found online :)

  3. Those colors are super vibrant and gorgeous! xoxo

  4. These colours are really nice. I never would have thought that, that green and blue would go so well together.

    I found your blog via the bbunch bloghop and happy that i did. I really like your blog.

    Leah x



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