27 April 2014


The Poetic Tees. I've always loved poetry. Reading it, writing it, poetry has always helped me put life in perspective. Words can be beautiful when put together in a thoughtful way. I also love t-shirts. Put these two together, and you have The Poetic Tees, statement shirts created by me, Ash, and my good friend, Nani. It's a little corny, I admit, but sometimes corny can keep us happy. Besides, finding a t-shirt brand name is the most ridiculously difficult thing. Ever. So, The Poetic Tees it is. I was going to go for That's What She Said Tees, but you know... I'm not that cool, haha.
Shirt: American Apparel Girly Jersey T-shirt in White
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL - shirts are fitted, so it's recommended to order a size or two up. I'm going for a M or L for a loose fit.
Cost: $18.00
Shipping Cost: FREE SHIPPING!

For our first release, we need your help voting for which shirt you would like to see printed. We're giving away 2 shirts, so by voting, you'll be entered to WIN A FREE SHIRT! After votes have been tallied, we'll begin taking pre-orders. 

So what do you think? Which one do you like most? Vote in the Rafflecopter form and enter your info. Thank you! :)

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