19 February 2014


♫Lovin' him was red, RE-E-E-ED, RE-E-E-ED...♪ Lime Crime Velvetines Red Velvet is not for the faint hearted. This lip stain is the ultimate red lip color, so if you like your reds like I do, you'll love this. 
This gorgeous lip stain comes in a frosted glass tube with a red lid complete with Lime Crime logo and pretty roses all around. A sticker on the bottom of the tube states the name of the product.
The Lime Crime Velvetines are a matte lip stain that goes on smoothly, but you MUST apply with caution. It's easy to get it everywhere and very hard to clean up. You'll need a steady hand, and to make it easier, I advise to apply this with a very small lip brush instead of the applicator. But if you're a pro, go on girl (or guy)! Staying power is amazing. I ate and drank right after application, and this stuff stayed... and stayed. To remove, use an oil-based makeup remover for quick removal. 
The Red Velvet formula is amazing. It's smooth, creamy, glides on so smoothly and dries to a matte finish in a few minutes. Red Velvet smells like Red Velvet Cake. You know I love my cake - and red velvet cake.. mmhhmmm. Try not to eat it, lol! 
Red Velvet is a classic red, and I don't see any blue or orange tones in it, so it may just be a true red. I could be wrong. Or blind... which I am, so don't sue me. Either way, the color is gorgeous. If you want to go all out red, this is the color for you. In the swatch below, you can see that the formula bleeds into the fine lines in my arm, but this didn't happen on my lips (weird?). 
The only problem I have with this is that it doesn't sit well on the inside of my lips (as you can see in the photo above) - now, this could just be a personal problem, and to be honest, it's totally fine. I still love this stuff. I saw two guys the first day I wore this and they both were like (O.O) "woah that's red..." HA! YESSSS!

As for the pricing, it's steep at $20 a tube and $5 shipping (US) on the Lime Crime site, but it does make for a great gift! 

Have you tried any Lime Crime products? I must say I'm very interested in the other products now!
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