05 December 2013

ELF Liquid Liner | Holy Grail Liquid Liner

If you've seen my earlier Youtube videos, you'll know that I am absolute crap at applying liquid or gel eye liner. Winging it out? Forget it! I'll take at least 20 minutes trying to make them even and eventually give up, walking out of the house with wonky eye liner. Enter ELF Liquid Liner in Black.
When I use the ELF Liquid Liner, though, it's like I have a magic eye liner wand in my hand, and it's SO easy. Whaaat? Why? Heck if I know, but I've been using this liner every day, and it's definitely my holy grail eye liner now. Best part? It costs $1. You really can't beat that!
The brush is really fine and flexible, giving way when I apply pressure. It doesn't flop around during application. 
The first line is created after directly pulling the wand out of the bottle. The second line is created after scraping of some of the excess on the edges of the bottle. Both produce and extremely pigmented black line. Personally, I scrape most of the product off so that application is much easier. It dries quickly, which is really important for someone like me who blinks a lot, even during eye liner application. I don't end up with liner on the top of my crease. It stays near my lash line, where it should be. 

Have you tried ELF Liquid Liner? What is your holy grail eye liner?
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