16 August 2013

When Does Makeup Expire, When to Throw it Out

Have you ever seen those gurus with extensive makeup collections? How do they possibly use every product like they claim without letting them expire? I'm just confused as to how that's possible. It might be, but definitely not for me. My collection is pretty small, and I still don't use everything.

I saw this post on Pretty Shiny Sparkly about makeup expirations, and how we're either in denial or simply unaware of when we should be tossing and replacing our makeup products. Here is a handy little image Kristina at PSS made:

I read this over, and thought - wow, I really need to throw some stuff out. They might not look or smell expired, but they probably are. Even if it cost "a fortune", like your YSL lipstick collection or all of those eyeshadows! Imagine slathering bacteria all over your face? *cringes. If it's almost ready to be thrown out, use it up quick! Wear it to the grocery store, or even just around the house. Take lots of pictures too! ;)

Do you keep makeup past its shelf-life? 

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