08 August 2013

NYX Round Lipstick in Rose Review and Swatches

I have yet to receive my mega lipstick order from Walmart that I ordered about a month ago... that is beyond annoying. Anyway, let's do a little review on this pretty little lipstick that I found hiding away in my lipstick collection!

NYX Round Lipsticks
"NYX Round Lipstick is smooth and moisture with every application! With 144 shades available, NYX round lipstick is is a velvet-textured lip cream that covers the lips with rich color that smoothes and moistures lips with each application."


Rose is a really pretty bright coral leaning more on the pink side. The formulation is creamy and applies smoothly. You can tone down the color by simply blotting on a tissue, and you get a less bright coral shade. 

This shade reminds me of Sleek's Coral Reef when it feels like acting pink. Surprisingly, I really like this color. I bought a bunch of NYX Round Lipsticks on a whim, because 1) I didn't know what I was doing and 2) I actually believed the swatches on the website. I ended up with several lipsticks that look the same, but I'll show you those in another post. This was one of the different ones, and I'm really happy with it.

The one thing I really dislike about this range is the smell. They smell like dish soap or something. Or am I the only one who thinks so? 

NYX has renamed and reformulated this shade into something that looks really weird in my opinion. You can see a review of the new formulation/shade called Rose Bouquet here. I'm pretty bummed about it. This was a really good color and the price is decent at $4.00 a pop. However, Cherry Culture still sells this shade, so maybe you'll get lucky here

Do you have this shade or something similar? What are your thoughts on NYX Round Lipsticks?

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