13 July 2013

Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss 103

I've never been a lippy person before. I always thought that it didn't suit me to wear lipstick, and that it's for "old" people. Well, I've been watching what I consider WAY too much of Estee's videos on Essie-Button lately, and I have been converted. I'm talking 360 degrees converted. My lip product collection has gone from a few lip balms here and there to over 30 lipsticks and gloss balms, with about a million more on the way. Maybe not a million.

My first Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick is in the shade 103, and it took me forever to choose just one shade. I honestly wanted to walk away with all the colors that were at Kmart, but I had to refrain from doing so, because I am not a millionaire.

In the tube, it looks like a really pretty neutral pink, a bit like a dusty rose type of shade. This is one of the safer colors, and I do think it could be flattering on anyone. Then again, I'm a true believer of wearing whatever you want, because you like it. Screw what anyone else thinks.

I know this photo is a bit blurry. I apologize. My blind self didn't realize until I was editing...

My first lip swatch! Lol! I wasn't sure whether I wanted to do this or not, but I do think it's the best way to show the lip color against my skin tone. If you're wondering, I do not do anything to my upper lip. I really don't care about the little fuzzies that go on up there. If I did care about the fuzzies, I may just have to wax my whole face, but I won't do that.

As you can see, the color is still a neutral pink on the lips with a slight blue undertone, but it also looks like it has a bit of an orange undertone as well. Weird. Blue and orange undertones in the same lipstick? That may be why it'll suit most anyone. The online swatches look so much darker than it actually is, so keep that in mind.

The formulation is creamy, smooth, and it smells like candy. Is it just me, or does it smell like candy to those of you who own lipsticks from this range? I'm really enjoying the scent, to be honest. As for the lasting power, this stuff stays put, and it's not drying at all. The flakes on my lips are just because I have flaky lips to begin with. It's not so bad though. You actually don't notice it from afar.

I purchased this for just under $6, at Kmart. That's pretty cheap here compared to the arms and legs we usually have to surrender for beauty products. You can get it for $5.49 here or check your local drugstores like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens, and if you're not in the US, you can still check your local drugstores as I found the online prices to be quite ridiculous, especially on Amazon.

Have you tried any lipsticks from this range? Would you?

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