07 June 2013

Ulta Boho Chic Minis

The Ulta Boho Chic Minis Collection was gifted to my during the Summer Lovin' Swap by my lovely partner, Jasmine. I blogged about it and other amazing products here.

But first, I have to say,  I've finally reached 100 GFC followers! I'm very thankful for everyone's support of my blog, and I hope that my blog continues to grow, and I am able to meet hundreds more new readers and new blogs.

Ok, onto the nail polishes!

The Ulta Boho Chic collection comes with 4 lovely mini polishes perfect for the summer season.

Summer Love, Indie Vibe, Folk in the Road, and Turn the Other Chic

Summer Love, Indie Vibe, Folk in the Road, and Turn the Other Chic (2 coats)

The Shades:
Summer Love is a really pretty deep indigo with multi-colored flakies.
Indie Vibe is a creamy magenta.
Folk in the Road is a gorgeous dark teal.
Turn the Other Chic is a wonderful creamy orange.

Didn't I say I was terrible at swatching? LOL. I tried - I did! If you have any tips, feel free to give me a little lesson in polish swatching, because I've never done this before. :P

The formulation of these polishes was alright for the price. They were a bit streaky and gloopy, but I think if you know what you're doing, you can make it work. Besides - the colors are so pretty!

Where to buy:
You can get the polish set here for $4.99.

Have you ever tried Ulta nail polishes? What do you think of this collection? 

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