08 March 2015


Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I wish I could do a battle of the beauty sponges, but I don't really feel the need to pick up another sponge, since I have this little ditty right here. No offense to the Beauty Blender, but I think I'd rather keep my twenty bucks and spend it on some lipstick that I don't need but too gorgeous to pass up. 

Beauty sponges have a couple of purposes - apply foundation, set foundation, blend out cream products such as highlight and contour. You just tap tap tap, and ta-da, perfection!

If you like a more sheer application of liquid foundation, you might like to apply it with a beauty sponge like the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge. When damp, this sponge creates a smooth, flawless, airbrush finish, without the streaks that accompany brush strokes. 

How does it set foundation, you ask? Well, you could also dip this little guy (damp) into some loose or pressed powder to set your makeup, and this also adds a bit more coverage if you use a tinted powder. You could also spritz some water or your favorite face mist or setting spray onto the sponge and pat down on your face to set your foundation.

If you need to blend out your highlight and contour without distorting the lines, beauty sponges really help create a smooth blend while keeping your shadows and highlight in place. 
This sponge has a flat side and a round, pointed side which makes makeup application really easy. You can get into hard to reach areas with the pointed side and cover more surface area with the flat side. However you want to do it, you can do it with this sponge. 

If you have $6 to spare, you can pick it up at Ulta or your local drugstores that carry Real Techniques products. I definitely recommend this sponge if you're just getting into beauty sponges. 

There are a couple ways that you can clean your beauty sponges. One way is to use a couple drops of face cleanser or a drop of dish soap (nothing oily) and suds it up, massaging the sponge until you feel that it's clean. Rinse and squeeze until all of the soap is gone. Let air dry. 

Another way to clean them is to buy this soap bar type thing by Beauty Blender. I don't recommend it, but since I haven't found a dupe, I'm hoping one of you have found one! Shout it out in the comments. I'm not anti-Beauty Blender, by the way lol. I just think it's a tad bit overpriced. That's all.

Do you like using beauty sponges to apply your foundation? Which one is your favorite?

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