27 February 2015


It Cosmetics CC+ Cream. For my first It Cosmetics purchase, I wanted to try the CC+ Cream, because first, I needed a good SPF, and second, I've been wanting to see what this CC hype was about. You all know I love my travel sizes, so of course, I picked up a travel size at Ulta.

It Cosmetics CC+ Cream claims to be like "your skin but better" with color correcting full coverage, anti-aging and hydrating properties, topped off with SPF50, which is a natural sunscreen free of any chemicals and parabens. Sounds good so far. A tube of the CC+ Cream costs $38 for 1.08 oz, and the travel size costs $15 for 0.406 oz. In the long run, it would be cheaper to buy the full size, considering you plan to use it all up, because you love it so much. If you're just looking to try it out, give the travel size a go first.

The full sized tube has a pump, but the travel size is a squeeze tube that dispenses as much product as you need. The formulation is smooth, creamy, and very easy to blend. The finish is very dewy, almost greasy, as is typical with most sunscreens and sunscreen-based products. It feels light on the skin and doesn't weigh it down, and coverage is medium to full. It covers up my dark spots, hyperpigmentation, while allowing some of my freckles to show through. The lasting power is good. I've worn it whole days (with naps) and through the evening without touching up, but I do use quite a bit of powder to set all of my foundations. It settles into my fine lines, especially around my eyes, so keep that in mind.

The shade Light is a bit dark and orange-toned, which was disappointing. I felt like an oompa loompa. However, if you only use a little bit, you can blend it out and look decent, which is what I've been doing. There is a slight fragrance that I can't pinpoint. Somewhere between citrusy and essential oil-ish. It doesn't smell bad or too strong, but it is noticeable. 
I wouldn't buy the full size It Cosmetics CC+ Cream, but I will try to use up this travel sized tube. The formula is too greasy, and the shade is too dark. I might fare better with the shade Fair, but I don't know if I want to shell out $15 to try it out. I really like the coverage it provides, though, so I might try out some of It Cosmetics' other offerings like the Bye Bye Under Eye or the CC+ Veil Beauty Fluid Foundation. 

IT COSMETICS CC+ CREAM (before & after)

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