29 January 2015


Updated Makeup Organization. Moving is a nightmare, let me just tell you. I hate moving, packing, and unpacking. I do love organizing and decorating though - makes me so happy! A few days ago, we picked up a couple of dressers from Ikea, and I chose the Malm 3-drawer Dressers in white, because they aren't too big but will still be able to hold all of our things. I did want this 6-drawer Chest, but it was out of my budget, so maybe next time. I also picked up some drawer dividers from The Container Store, and I went for these Rubbermaid dividers, based off of Katy (LustreLux's) recommendation. You can mix and match different sizes and they interlock with each other to reduce sliding around. They're really good, lightweight, and budget-friendly. 

(These were taken with my phone in a hurry, so excuse the crap-quality.)
(Much better quality photos, yay! Still trying to figure out this natural lighting situation, though.)
Does anyone else feel much better after having sorted through their makeup collection and rearranged it all? No? Just me? Nah, I think you guys feel me. It feels so good!!! I have another drawer filled with skincare, more (unopened) makeup, and other random bits, that need some TLC, so that's another project that I'll look forward to. I'm kinda sad that space is much more limited now, and I can't have things out in the open (unless I want my 2 year old wearing it all), so I'll just have to get creative with the hidden spaces. For now, I'm super happy with it!

So what do you think? How do you organize your makeup and skincare products? Show me pictures and posts! 

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