06 January 2015


Lush Cosmetics Skincare Haul #1. We're doing a Lush haul today, but I will update you guys at the end of the post, in case you're interested in what's going on with me. I went to Fashion Island down at Newport Beach over the weekend specifically for a little Lush spree. I have never been to a Lush store before, so it was quite an experience and definitely not what I expected. 

When I first entered the store, I started browsing the shelves for the Mask of Magnaminty. Taylor, the Lush specialist came up to me, and gave me the bad news - they were all out! Then she kindly asked me if I had time for a little consultation to address some of my skin concerns. Of course, the blogger in me took over the shy me, and I obliged. We sat down, and she grabbed a bunch of things for my inflamed, temperamental skin. The drastic weather and pressure changes on top of crazy stress had my skin freaking out, making me look like some kind of hormonal teenager. Taylor used my arms as test subjects, explaining each product as she applied it. I ended purchasing Vanishing Cream, Grease Lightning, Angels on Bare Skin, and Ocean Salt, because I really loved how they made my skin feel. 
VANISHING CREAM - $42.95 for 1.5 oz
A light moisturizer that uses lavender, witch hazel, and grape seed oil to balance and tighten skin as well as reduce oil production. Great for blemished, oily skin. 

My thoughts:
I love it. It's fresh and light on the skin, and it seems to really be helping tame down the inflamation from my blemishes. This small pot is pretty pricey, but a little goes a long way, and if you can splurge, I suggest you give this a try.
GREASE LIGHTNING - $13.95 for 1.5 oz
A cleansing gel that uses thyme, tea tree, rosemary, and aloe vera to gently spot treat blemished skin. Can be used as a toner or primer.

My thoughts:
I've been needing a primer that didn't break me out or allow makeup to settle into my fine lines, and this is really working for me. It also smells really fresh.
ANGELS ON BARE SKIN - starts at $13.95
A kaolin clay based cleanser that uses ground almonds, lavender, and rose to soothe and smoothe skin.

My thoughts:
This cleanser gently exfoliates my skin, leaving behind, smooth, radiant skin. It's not too harsh and has a nice soothing scent. A little bit goes a long way.
OCEAN SALT - starts at $21.95 for 4.2 oz
Filled with avocado, coconut, lime, vodka, and sea salt goodness, this face and body scrub takes away the dirt and grime, leaving skin feeling clean and refreshed.

My thoughts:
I love that this scrub smells like margaritas. My face feels so soft and smooth after using this scrub, and I feel like it takes my cleansing routine to the next level.
Overall, I'm quite pleased with the products I purchased. My skin is calming down and feels really clean and fresh. I'm definitely going to be picking up refills and trying out more Lush products. 

Have you picked up any Lush products lately? What are some of your favorites?

I'm finally in California, and I'm loving it! The weather is nice and cool, sometimes cold, and it's perfect. We arrived last week and have been settling in slowly. It's taking me a while to get back into the blogging groove, as I don't have a place set up for my blogging/Youtube station yet. Everything is kind of...everywhere. However, we will get there soon. Thank you for sticking with me, and for all of your kind words of support and good lucks! Love you all!

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