12 October 2014


Today, I'm probably going to ramble a bit. Lately, I've been feeling very... down? Is that the word? I'm not sure. I don't really know what I'm feeling, to be honest. I am perfectly fine physically, but then again, I've always had sadness mentally. Maybe I need to change how I think about things, about my life.
My life is not bad, and even though I want different things, I am okay with what I do have. I have a roof over my head. I have a supportive husband and two loving, crazy children, and I have close friends and family who I don't have to worry will betray me. 
I was inspired by a post by Stacey, The Expat Make-up Addict, and while it may not be easy, I need let go of all the bad things, and then I can let happiness in. I don't have much to complain about, so I know that instead of complaining, I should be thankful for the things that I do have. The glass is always half full, right? Well, as long as there's something in the glass, I consider myself fortunate. There is too much loss, hate, and crime in the world, and I would be a fool to be anything less than grateful for what I have. 

I'm thankful for all my blog and Youtube friends. You are all my daily inspirations. 

To Stacey
Whatever it is you're feeling - it's okay. You've proven you're a fighter - a damn glamorous one at that. Take your time, and do whatever it is you need to do. We will still be here, and still love you just the same. <3 Always on #TeamStace!

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