16 September 2014


Formula X Infatuated. The name of this gorgeous nail polish pretty much sums up my adoration for the minty family. I know I said I was delving into fall shades, but I have a good excuse, I do! A friend of mine came back from her California vacation and brought me back a couple Formula X nail polishes, so of course, I have to use them, right? Right! First one to hit my nails is Infatuated which is a gorgeous pale minty blue. Ahhhh!
The formula of Infatuated is tricky, because I had high expectations - like really high, so of course I was a little let down. First coat is streaky, but the second coat smooths it all out. It dries smooth and gel-like with a shiny finish. 
The one thing that really impressed me was the polish's ability to "heal" itself. Let me explain. I finished painting my nails, top coat and everything and went to go take photos. I bumped my nail into something and that created a hole and bunching up on that nail. I pressed down on the bunched up part to attempt to smooth it out, and then applied more Formula X Infatuation on the hole and around the area. When I say the polish healed itself, I mean the coat that I filled the hole with melted seamlessly into the rest of the polish on my nail, even though it was already dry. Fascinating? Well, it is to me, especially since I am the QUEEN of ruining nails 10 seconds after finishing them, ha! So these beauties might cost $10.50 at your local Sephora, but I'd definitely pick up more shades.  

Have you tried any Formula X nail polishes? What are your favorite shades?

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