14 June 2014


How to Style a Statement Tee. I'm not much of a "blouse" girl. I really do love my soft t-shirts, and the ones with bold statements can pack a punch. Even better, is one that I've created on my own. Back in April (I think...), I shared with you some of my ideas for statement tees. I had around 4 people vote (thank you ladies!), and decided to mock up a sample tee. Last month, my computer crashed, so I lost all the fonts and files and had to create new themes, but I didn't mind. I really like the one I came up with and have already gotten compliments on it. Thank you so much! 

I am a person with few spoken words. I grew up the quiet girl, and still, the people around me don't understand why I don't talk as much as they do. There's nothing wrong with being the quiet type. It doesn't mean we're shy or weak or not opinionated. It means that we think very hard before we speak. It means that we only find the need to speak when there is something to be said. And there is definitely nothing wrong with that.

However, it gets really easy for us to just sit in the background and disappear. Our minds are swirling with thoughts unsaid and feelings turning inside out. SPEAK YOUR MIND was designed to inspire you to speak up when you have something to say. Don't let others' decisions dictate how your life will play out. Your words, your thoughts and ideas are important. You are important. You deserve to be heard.


Style #1: JEANS & FLATS
Pair statement tees with a comfortable pair of jeans and some bright flats to add some personality. A bright handbag and accessories would add a nice touch as well!

A patterned or textured cardigan paired with shorts and wedges keeps it looking casual but still feminine. I like soft, lightweight cardigans to keep the chill away without trapping heat.

Statement necklaces go really well with statement tees, and I like a good solid gold necklace paired with a white tee. Skirts add some class, and I love this ruffle skirt, because it makes me feel pretty and very girly! Also, champagne heels with gem details add some sparkle and extra oomph. 


Exciting news! We are currently taking pre-orders for the Speak Your Mind Tee! We are trying to keep the prices of your statement tees as low as possible, so we will be placing the order once the minimum has been met (24 shirts). You will be updated every step of the way. I'm shooting to order the shirts by July 1, 2014, so please help to spread the word! :)

Price: $18 per shirt, includes free shipping (US Domestic only)
International shipping cost: $8.00* see note below
Type of Shirt: Gildan Ladies Soft-Style Junior Fit V-Neck
Material: 100% Preshrunk Cotton
Available Sizes: S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL
For reference purposes, I am wearing a size M in the photos and video above. I like my shirts a little loose. If you do too, I recommend you order a size or two up. 

If you are one of the ladies that voted - there are 4 of you, you get a free shirt! You can choose to order the Speak Your Mind Tee or wait for another design. If you want this design, just fill out the form and select Payment Sent (I will know who gets the free shirts).

*If you are an international customer, I do apologize that the shipping cost is rather ridiculous. I made it as cheap as I could. As you know, shipping internationally is quite a challenge. What I do recommend is maybe you get together a group of friends to order with you so that you can split the shipping cost (must ship to a single address). I will squeeze in as many shirts as I can into a single package to save you as much money as possible. 

What do you think? I love your comments and feedback! 

Have questions? Feel free to drop me an e-mail or comment below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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