22 April 2014


Blogging background decor. If I had access to an Ikea, believe me, I'd have the same Alex drawers and Malm desks that everyone seems to have. Sadly, I don't have the pleasure of perusing the Ikea aisles with delight. Another store that I'm obsessed with and can't afford - PBTeen. Oh, yes! 
Anyway, I make do with what I have access to, and if you notice in my Youtube videos and photos, I change it up every so often. I get bored really quickly, so I move things around. When you're contemplating your photo or video backgrounds, I only have a few tips and tricks.
  • Keep it clean and clutter free.
  • Make sure nothing looks like it's sticking out of your head (ie. lamps, books...).
  • Light it up with something warm (ie. a lit candle, fairy lights, a lamp...), especially if you're taking photos or videos in studio lighting. 
  • Make it yours. No one wants the same background as everyone else, so do something special with it.

These shelves came with the condo. Not so pretty, but I put some pretty things to distract the eye. Books, plushes, candles, cute storage, blogging books, an old polaroid camera, and a picture frame with a printout of the word DREAM

Under the lower shelf, I strung up some warm Christmas lights and let the rest lay across my standing book case to light up my photos. I take my photos on the empty white space between my polishes and glass bowl full of new makeup products. I like to use clear storage, because it looks cleaner and showcases products wonderfully.

This glass bowl is filled with new beauty products and samples. Recently, I switched it out for a cute wire Easter basket. If you've seen my Instagram feed (follow me for pretty photos and yummy food!), I shared a photo of the basket I got from the Easter clearance sale. It's ADORABLE!

I store all of my nail polishes in these clear bins. I couldn't find ones without holes, but these do just fine. I have a couple on top of the book case and a few in the cubbies below. 

So there you have my decor ideas. What are some of your blogging decor tips and tricks? 
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