02 March 2014


Skin care lust list. That's what this should be called. I narrowed down this week's wish list to 5 products. As many skin care cult beauty products are "break the bank" expensive, I think these will be staying here for a while, until I can suck it up and invest. Yep, these are investments.

I'm obsessed with the Michael Todd True Organics line, and I want everything. Mostly products that will help me stay looking like I'm 16 forever and ones that make my skin feel so nice and soft. REN is another brand that I hear about a lot but have never tried - the thing I want most is this mask. Alpha-H Liquid Gold sounds like it belongs only with queens (or kings), but I want this so bad! Glam Glow is a given. Who doesn't want Super Mud???

Have you tried any of these or are they on your lust list too? 
Friday Wish List Skin Care

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