09 February 2014

INTERNATIONAL MUG SWAP | Hosted by But first, Coffee

Owl Mugs from VivaTerra

Do you like mugs? Whether you put coffee, tea, water, or wine in your favorite mug, don't you just enjoy the nice, warm feeling you get when drinking that delicious beverage from a cup that's all yours? It's probably a really cute mug too! How about we share this experience with others with a MUG SWAP! It is just as it sounds - you swap mugs with another lovely person from somewhere else in the world. Yes, WORLD. This is an International Mug Swap Party! Interested? Well, then let's get on to the nitty gritty. ENJOY!

HOST: Kallie, the beauty behind But first, Coffee
1. Sign up using the below form. Open to everyone (not just bloggers) and is International.
2. Sign ups close February 18th and you will recieve your partner by the 20th at the very latest.
3. Spend 1-2 weeks chatting with your buddy, getting to know them.
4. Send out a mug to them before March 6th.  The MAX you should spend on the mug is $20.  If your buddy is international, then reduce that to $15 MAX to encure shipping charges.
5. I'd love to see your mugs when you get them.  Use the hashtag #BFCMugSwap (because appearantly mug swapping is a thing and its already got a handful of taken hashtags!)
6. Share it! Make sure to tell your friends about the swap on twitter and instagram!


Disclaimer from Kallie (Host): 
I'm hosting this swap as a fun way for people to connect and have fun swapping a mug. However, I can't be held responsible for your partners actions.  I like to believe everyone will be fair and only sign up if they intend to swap a mug, but there is always an off chance that someone is dishonest.  If you haven't heard from your partner or do not recieve a mug, please email me to let me know (butfirstcoffeeblog@gmail.com) and I will do the best I can to remedy it. 
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