22 February 2014


I think I'm going to start posting up wish lists again in different categories. I'm kind of on a spending ban at the moment, so why not share the products I'm lusting after to get over the fact that I can't actually purchase any of them. 

Do any of you shop around either online or in-store, put things in your cart/basket then walk around until you don't want those things anymore? I do... I keep items in my cart for weeks, looking back every now and then just to see that it's there. That's usually how it ends. In-store, I walk around holding items I want most, and if I get tired of it by the end of my visit, I'll put it back. Most likely, I didn't really want it badly enough to buy it. Lots of money is saved this way, let me tell you. 

Anyway, here is my first Friday Beauty Wish List. I'm really bad at keeping up post series (sorry...), but I'll try really hard to keep this one up. 

Are any of these products on your current wish list? Do you have any of these? Tell me about them! 


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