25 February 2014


Dior Creme de Rose. Talk about lip balm luxury! I've seen this lip balm around, mostly emphasized by Essiebutton, so of course, I had to get it. I hopped on over to my local Macy's to see if they had it in stock, and lo and behold, there was one left. I did indeed drop $27 on a lip balm, but this is one beautiful lip balm. Encased in a weighty, porcelain white jar, this is really a statement piece. I didn't think I'd ever say that about a lip balm before.
Creme de Rose is formulated with rose essential oil, vitamins A & E, shea butter, and contains SPF10 for a light layer of protection against the sun. It's very light and not at all greasy. The scent is of sweet roses. It's not overbearing, but is completely luxurious. Creme de Rose moisturizes my lips and doesn't take anything away from them. Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes your lips are even more dry after applying a certain lip balm? I get that a lot of times, but Creme de Rose doesn't do that at all. My lips are soft and supple for hours. 
While you do have to apply it with a finger or a brush, personally, that's not an issue for me. I'm really enjoying having this lip balm as a part of my collection. I keep it tucked away in my acrylic storage, all safe and pretty. 

Have you tried Creme de Rose? 

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