21 October 2013

My Imagination Station | Dream Office

I'm a dreamer, I must admit, and I am not ashamed. One day, I want to be able to teleport. For now, however, I'll stick to dreams that are actually attainable, like creating my own dream office. Sometime in the near future, I'd like to be able to do my work in a place I love to be. Where I can be whatever I want to be. There won't be mold in the corners and termites flying around late at night. The Little One will be able to walk around to his heart's content. The neighbors won't be just one wall away. That's the dream, my friends.

Photo courtesy of PBTeen

I was surfing through Pottery Barn Teen recently, and it's honestly one of my favorite sites to go when I need some inspiration. They have my style down, and I can always find a thing or two or three that I love. The prices are crazy, but I'm just there for inspiration anyway. If I had the cash though, no doubt I'd drop it in that store. The photo above has a nice set up, and I love that it's in front of a window for natural light. Here are some pieces that I would love to have in my dream office.

What items would you like to have in your dream office/workspace? 

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