03 September 2013

Origins Drink Up Intensive

Up until recently, I'd never tried any of Origins' products. I just couldn't justify the price, but my skin has been extremely dry lately, and being someone with combination oily skin, it's pretty strange for me. I guess aging is knocking hard on my front door, lol!

I ordered the Origins Drink Up Intensive overnight mask from Macy's for $24.00 for 3.4 fl. oz of product. Now that I'm looking at it, It seems like a pretty reasonable price to pay. But does it work?

Basically, Origins Drink Up Intensive is a moisturizing treatment that you massage onto your face and leave in while you slumber, waking up to softer, more supple skin. You can use it once a week or daily, depending on your skins needs.

Ingredients include:
Plant Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid and Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, Mango Butters, and Japanese Seaweed. 

Origins Drink Up Intensive is thick and creamy and melts into the skin as it's massaged in. It doesn't leave behind a greasy residue, and once it sinks in, my face already feels much better and so much softer.

My face is pretty thirsty, so I use this every night before bed. I don't chuck on a ton of product, and now that I'm reading the description, I probably should... Either way, I've been using this as a night time moisturizer and keeps my skin feeling more human and less like a crocodile. I really love the smell. It's reminiscent of a sweet and citrus-y drink that I can't put a name to. Either way, it smells delicious.

Have you tried Origins Drink Up Intensive? What are your thoughts? What's your go-to moisturizer?

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