20 July 2013

Vintage Style Bronze Owl Necklaces

You all know how I prefer to make my own jewelry, but I saw these and I just couldn't help myself. I first saw the little gem-eyed creatures floating around Instagram, so I went to the shop advertising it, only to find out that the price was $12 per necklace not including shipping. Now, don't think I'm a cheapo. Well, maybe I am - I blame it on my Business Finance and Economics degree. Yup, we were bred to be this way, lol. Being an Etsy/Ebay addict, I can almost guarantee that I can find costume jewelry for dirt cheap prices, because that's honestly how much it costs to make them.  And I was absolutely right.

I've taken photos next to a ruler for size reference. :)

Aren't they adorable!?! I thought they were super cute. I went on a hunt for the gem-eyed owls, but then I saw the big black eyed beauty and had to order one too. I ordered 2 of the gem-eyed ones, because I thought I might give one away to a friend or maybe just keep both. Most likely the latter (read below).

This is the back side of the larger black eyed owl. Each component is connected by sturdy jump rings, and the metal is very solid. It is the only one of the three necklaces that comes with a clasp, and also the only one connected by a bail to the chain. A bail is the fancy thing that connects the pendant to the chain ;). 

Here's a close-up of the gem-eyed creatures. Aren't they stunning? I love vintage style necklaces so much, and I've been dying to own some. These are my firsts, and I am very happy. You can see that they don't have a bail. They're simply connected to the chain by a jump ring. My only issue with them is the obvious quality difference, which you can see in the curves, edges, bevels, and the back.

Clearly, one is better made and more sturdy, and you can feel it in the weight of the necklace. The chains are also slightly different. One (the better quality owl) has a slightly thicker chain. 
I'm not really sure why they're different, when I ordered from the same vendor and put 2 in the quantity section. It's not TOO big a deal, but it is slightly disappointing. I contacted the vendor about this issue, but they don't speak English well, and couldn't understand what I was trying to say. They offered a refund if I returned the items, but it's not worth the extra time or money. For this reason, I probably won't be giving one away. It's ok, though. I still love them, and they're still gorgeous. Those eyes!

Where to buy: cshop6 on Etsy
Price: $0.99 each for the Crystal Rhinestone Owl Pendant Necklaces
          $1.99 for the Owl Pendant Long Necklace
Shipping cost: $5.30
Total cost: $9.27
Arrival time: a month. :/

Overall, I'm happy with my purchase. I probably wouldn't buy from this seller again though, mainly because of the difficulty communicating with them. 
My advice for shopping on Etsy and Ebay: look around, and look around some more. Enter shops and look around, because as you can see in the shop above, the same necklaces are listed several times with different prices. Even the shipping prices vary. 

Do you like my new necklaces? Do you sometimes have a hard time with vendors? What do you do to resolve the issue? Other thoughts?

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