08 June 2013

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in Blazed

Today's special is a lovely helping of some Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine nail polish at an affordable US$1.96 per bottle! Can you believe that? I can't. When I first picked up this nail polish, I was thinking, "Ok...it's cheap so it's going to feel a little cheap, but I'm ok with that." I had that mindset. And boy... did this polish rock my world or what!


The bottle is pretty simple - glass with a graying plastic cap. The formula is what impressed me.
As I was doing my mani and pedi last night, I was not expecting much at all. I was just applying this polish, and then I realized that it went on pretty freakin' smooth. So I applied it to the rest of my nails more slowly, staring at the way it glided on and didn't streak or clump together (a problem I've been having with other, more expensive polishes). I probably inhaled a little too much of the polish and got a headache soon after, but it was worth it. I won't do it again though, because now I know that this nail polish formula applies like a dream.

The shade I purchased is called Blazed, and it's a bright, creamy, orange-toned coral. The finish is a creamy high shine that looks almost yummy.

Now, I may have gotten a fluke bottle, and they may have accidentally made it better than intended, but we shall see when I use the other shade that I bought. That's a secret best saved for later ;).

So, for US$1.96, I got a lovely mani pedi. I will assume the wear will be just like the other polishes since I did place a generous coat of Seche Vite on top like I always do. I've already done some dishes, scrubbing, bathing the baby, and my mani still looks brand new. Score!

Have you tried Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine polishes? Do they have these in the UK? I'm curious, UK readers, please let me know. :)

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