15 June 2013

Review: Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

My 100th post! :)
Concealers and I don't really get along most of the time. Usually, they just end up caking over my fine lines and dry patches, and then I look like a hot mess. I kind of gave up on concealers until I saw that a lot of bloggers/vloggers were talking about Rimmel's Wake Me Up and how good it was. I just thought... yeah sure. THEN I saw it in my local Kmart. Here. Where I live. That was so odd, because we don't get cool things like this. I don't even think they sell this in the mainland US.

Anyway, I picked up the shade closest to my skin tone, but just a bit lighter in 230 Very Fair/Light. I can't remember the first time I used it, because it was a while ago. All I know is, I loved it.

Rimmel Wake Me Up in 230 Very Fair/Light


Blended in. 

It states on the bottle that it has an Anti-fatigue effect + Instant glow. The formula is very creamy and moisturizing and behind a dewy finish that makes me look more awake.

Personally, I love this stuff. I've never gotten so excited about a concealer, and I don't know if I'm running out, so when Kmart restocked last night, I grabbed another tube just in case. You never know.

Have you tried this concealer? What's your favorite concealer? 

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