06 June 2013

Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadows

Today is the first day I will swatch something for you. *GASP! Lol, I'm kind of terrible with swatches - I never feel like they're good enough, and I always want to try to make it better. I figured I'll never be able to post swatches if I keep trying to make them perfect, so I did what I could, and here's what I came up with.

Lancome's Color Design Sensational Effects Eye Shadows (isn't that a mouthful?!?!) are the smoothest eyeshadows I have ever felt on my itty bitty fingers and eyelids. I like to swatch them just so I can feel the smoothness. I'm serious! They're so soft! Ok, so I have 3 colors to show you tonight, and I really do only have 3 in my collection. My husband bought me a gift set for Christmas a while back, and these shadows have just been sitting around until I recently decided to use them.

Pink Pearls (Matte), Pink Zinc (Metallic), & Drama (Shimmer)

Pink Pearls (Matte), Pink Zinc (Metallic), & Drama (Shimmer)

Pink Pearls (Matte), Pink Zinc (Metallic), & Drama (Shimmer)

As you can see in the swatches, Pink Pearls is a white-y, pinkish matte shade that I love to use as a highlight under my brows. Pink Zinc is a metallic pink-toned brown shade that looks lovely by itself blended all over the lid. Drama is a lovely red/pink-toned purple that also looks lovely by itself. 

The application of these shadows is so smooth and buttery, and at US$19.00 per shadow, I'd say they had better be. They also last pretty well on me in this hot, humid climate.

Where to get them? Mine are from my local Macy's, and I believe you can get them from any Lancome counter and on their website as well.

I'm really happy my hubby bought me the gift set, or I'd never have been introduced to Lancome shadows. I love the Definicils Mascara, but never thought to try anything else. Here's to new experiences!

Have you tried any of Lancome's eyeshadows? 

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