01 June 2013

First Swap EVER: Summer Lovin' Swap 2013

I'm so excited to share with you the first swap I have ever participated in. Ever. It's called the Summer Lovin' Swap, and it was hosted ever so kindly by Heather from Cupcakes to Polka Dots, Angie from Hairspray and High Heels, and Brooklyn from This Little Blonde.

The rules were pretty simple: (short version)
1. Sign up
2. Get partnered up
3. Share your summer faves with a limit of $20 and mail it out
4. Blog about it!

I was partnered up with the lovely Jasmine from Green Eyed Monster. If you aren't following her, check her out, because she has some really great skincare tips, book reviews, and lots of red lipstick swatches ;)

Here is what she sent me!
1. Nail Bliss Bling Nail Appliques
2. Que Bella Aromatherapy Lavender Mask
3. Hot pink loofah!
4. Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist
5. Ulta Eyeshadow in Green Machine (a beautiful emerald green)
6. Palladio MaXXLash in Black
7. Ulta Boho Chic Nail Lacquer Collection (Turn the Other Chic, Folk in the Road, Indie Vibe, and Summer Love)
8. Essence Colour & Go Polish in Ultimate Pink

So those are all the things she got me. Aren't they so pretty! I am in love with the polishes most especially, because - I know I haven't said it yet, but I am secretly trying to build up my sad little polish collection! She's helped me along, yay! I absolutely love everything she got me, and I am so very very thankful I had this opportunity. It was SO MUCH FUN!

Thank you again, Jasmine!!! <3

Honestly, I'd do it again. Today. Love swaps. Even though we had a little issue with getting my package over to her (customs issues, tracking lag), she got her package in one piece. Phew!

Have you ever participated in swaps? Would you? Would you go international? I definitely would love some Sleek products heehee!

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