23 February 2015


DIY Rose Gold 3D Print. In an effort to beautify my little abode, I took to the craft store to buy some things that could instantly add a little spice to my room. Being addicted to Pinterest lately (follow me here), I wanted to tackle a super easy custom DIY project to make my room more of... well, mine. 

Ikea had some ridiculously cheap white frames (cardboard type) for $2, so I picked up 3 of them. I also hit up the local craft stores to pick up some crafty things (duh). I purchased some goodies from Martha Stewart like Glitter (Smoky Quartz) and Multi-Surface Acrylic Metallic Paint (Rose Gold). I also picked up some wooden phrases (like these), but you could do individual letters or make your own words. That would be fun too! I also bought a jar of Mod Podge Gloss, because everyone needs a jar of this stuff. It's magical, and it can be used as a sealer, glue, or top coat. I used it for all three, wee! I applied the glue with a foam brush like this, and I also used pearlized textured paper for the backing, since the frame's original backing is a dark gray shade. You can use whatever colors your heart desires for this project, but let me show you how I did it. 

What do you think? Easy peasy, right? How do you like to add character to your rooms to make them feel more homey?

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