11 August 2014


Having an opinion. The sailor in me might come out here. I've given you fair warning, haha.

Growing up, I was always getting in trouble for running my mouth. My parents always scolded me, the other kids hated me, because I have strong opinions. If I don't like something or if I think something is stupid, I make it obvious and say it. You see this brain to mouth filter thing that a lot of people have? I don't really have that. However, I have learned that if you want people to accept you in this society, you need one of those... or several. That doesn't sit right with me. 

Our voice and opinions are unique, and while not everyone will agree with everyone else, it's important to have that difference in opinions in order to learn and grow as people. We are not static, flat, and boring. We are amazing individuals who have different perspectives in life, and these perspectives have created some of the most beautiful ideas on this earth. We wouldn't have very many options in life if it weren't for these people with these brilliant opinions, right?

This morning, I participated in the #bbloggers chat on Twitter about Hits and Misses (beauty products), and I was getting frustrated at the amount of people who were saying: "This might be controversial, but...." There were so many! I wanted to tweet "Just because you don't like something doesn't make it controversial. It's just your opinion." But you know that filter thing - I might piss someone off. So I took to my blog instead to share how frustrating it is to see so many people thinking their opinions could be controversial because it's different. 

Now that that's said, having an opinion does not mean that you can be mean and cruel. When I was younger (elementary/middle school age), people thought of me as a bitch and really mean. They're probably right, because what did I know back then about thinking about what you say before you say it. I didn't learn that until later when reality decided to slap me in the face several times. After those experiences, I became one of the most quiet, reserved people you'll ever meet. My opinion stays in my brain most times, and I just sit back and watch people as an observer, not really a participator in life.

What kind of life is that? It's not really a life, to be honest. I'd much rather be called a bitch for saying what I think and feel than to hold everything inside while it's dying to get out. There's a difference between being a bitch to be cruel and being a bitch because people can't handle the truth. I can't do anything about those that can't handle the truth. There is a balance that I'm working on, and so far, it's good. I still get called a bitch, but that's just because they know I'm right (Ha! Was that bitchy or what!). I say things more kindly now, trying to understand the perspectives involved, and while I am considered a total bitch by some, others regard my opinion and appreciate my honesty. There's always a balance, and it's up to you if you want to find it and work for it. 

There is so much censorship out there, we have to be careful not to censor ourselves and our lives to the point where our originality disappears and we become like everyone else. Life is about creating ourselves, embracing our differences, and living out our dreams and adventures. Don't hide. Shine! 

Thoughts? :)

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