18 July 2013

DIY: EASY Leather Wrap Charm Bracelets

It's DIY time! I don't remember the last time I did a diy post, so I thought I'd do one tonight. It's a super easy cord-wrap-charm-bracelet type jewelry.

What I used:

I've linked where you can get the supplies, but you can use whatever materials you want to create a similar bracelet. This style is easily changed and customizable. For instance, you can use ribbon instead of cord, and you won't need the end caps - you could just tie it closed. It's totally up to you what you want to do with it. Just make sure your components fit together - a 2mm cord will need a 2mm hole in the end cap. 

First way - Charms slide around freely.
I used 2mm leather cord, but you can use whatever you wish - pleather cord, ribbon, string, etc. I wrapped some cord around my wrist a few times for that wrapped look, and then cut through it with scissors. On one end of the cord, I attached one end of the end cap. Next, I attached some charms to jump rings so that they face forward properly instead of just hanging the charm on its own, then I strung them on the black cord. I closed off the other end with the other half of the end cap.

Second way - Charms are knotted into place. 
I used to same kind of cord, but in white this time. I attached the end cap just the same and roughly divided the cord into sections by folding in half, creasing, and then folding in half again and creasing. This way, I could roughly eye where I wanted my charms to be. I tied a knot, slid the charm on, and then tied another knot after the charm. I did this 3 times for my 3 charms. Then I closed off the end with the other half of the end cap.

The finished bracelets.

What do you think of them? Would you try making something similar? What do you think of my DIY posts?

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